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Over sixty years of industrial military operations at McClellan left behind complex reuse challenges including environmental contamination of both soil and groundwater. The former Air Force operations involved the use, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials including industrial solvents, caustic cleansers, paints, metal plating wastes, low-level radioactive wastes, and a variety of fuel oils and lubricants. In 1987, McClellan was placed on the National Priorities List as a Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act site. Our role became one of facilitating and supporting an aggressive remediation schedule while considering cost effective reuse solutions. In 2003, Sacramento County revised the McClellan Groundwater Well Prohibition Ordinance to protect the community and ongoing groundwater cleanup efforts by the Air Force.

We have developed collaborative partnerships with US EPA, Cal/EPA Department of Toxic Substances Control, Regional Water Quality Control Board, and Department of Health Services, as well as the neighboring community. We actively participate in community meetings and are a member of the McClellan Restoration Advisory Board.

McClellan Park is a growing business community that hosts a diverse mix of companies spread across more than 8 million square feet of space of all types. This former military facility is now home to hundreds of private companies, as well as state, federal and local government agencies and has become a magnet for private investment.  Currently, approximately 230 tenants employ an expanding workforce estimated at 15,000 daily visitors; companies include Surewest, Northrop Grumman, USDA Wildfire Academy, Beutler Heat and Air, Regional Transit, California Department of Transportation, Cal Fire, The US Coast Guard, AAR ATICS, General Dynamics, XO Jets, Ozark Trucking, Patriot Rail, SMUD, Twin Rivers School District, Americorp and many more. 70% of McClellan Park's available space is currently occupied. This revitalization is the direct result of a successful partnership between Sacramento County and developer McClellan Business Park.

A healthy and prosperous McClellan Park means a vibrant and thriving North Highlands community. As one of the most successful conversions of a former military base in the country, McClellan Park has the entitlements to construct an additional 6,000,000 s.f. of new buildings, creating the potential to employ a workforce of 35,000 at full capacity. Because of the symbiotic relationship between Sacramento County, the United States Air Force, the developer McClellan Business Park, and the surrounding community of North Highlands, continued development of will continue to bring jobs and is essential to improve the surrounding community.

McClellan’s reuse objectives include: operating a public airfield and developing a commercial/industrial business park; utilizing existing and creating new housing; preserving open space and critical environmental areas; reinvesting in surrounding communities (e.g., capital improvements, infrastructure upgrade/replacement projects); and encouraging community participation in development decisions.

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